The Board is the supreme governing body of IAQA. The Board comprises a minimum of four senior international experts and a student representative.  All Board members are appointed by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation for six years, with the exception of the student who is appointed for two years. Student Board members are nominated by the National Union for Icelandic Students (LÍS).

Crichton Lang

Prof Crichton Lang
Former Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of the Highlands and Islands
Board Member 2021-2023, Board Chair 2023-2029

Riitta Pyykkö

Prof Riitta Pyykkö
Former Vice Rector, University of Turku
Board Member 2019-2025

Elsa Nunez

Prof Elsa Núñez
President of Eastern Connecticut State University
Board Member 2023-2029

Liv Muth

Liv Teresa Muth
PhD student in Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University
Board Member 2023-2025

Jean-Marc Rapp

Prof Jean-Marc Rapp
Former Rector of University of Lausanne and former president of the Swiss Accreditation Council
Board Member 2024-2030

Andrea Nolan

Prof Andrea Nolan
Principal & Vice Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University
Board Member 2024-2030


The Secretariat is responsible for operational planning and management of all IAQA activities, including implementing the Quality Enhancement Framework. The Secretariat is accountable to the Board and reports regularly to the Board.

Ólöf Gerður Sigfúsdóttir

Dr Ólöf Gerður Sigfúsdóttir
Executive Director

Þorgerður Edda Hall

Þorgerður Edda Hall
Senior Adviser

Sigríður Vala Vignisdóttir

Sigríður Vala Vignisdóttir

Research Evaluation Advisory Committee

The Research Evaluation Advisory Committee (REAC) is an advisory committee to the Board. The committee‘s main responsibilities are supporting the acency in the implementation of an evaluation framework for management of reserach in the to QEF and supporting the development of a current research information system at the national level. REAC is chaired by an IAQA Board member and includes one member from each HEI, a representative of the Icelandic Science and Innovation Policy Council, a representative of the Quality Forum for Icelandic Universities, a doctoral student nominated by LÍS and a postdoctoral researcher nominated by the Rectors’ Conference.

  • Andrea Nolan, Chair, Principal & Vice Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University (from March 2024)
  • Piergiorgio Consagra, Doctoral Student, University of Iceland (nominated by the National Union of Icelandic Students)
  • Christian Schultze, International Relations and Research Manager, Agricultural University of Iceland
  • Elín Díana Gunnarsdóttir, Pro-Rector, University of Akureyri
  • Anna Bergljót Gunnarsdóttir, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Iceland (nominated by the Rectors' Conference). Alternate: Gabriel Marc Marie Jouan, Postdoctoral researcher, Reykjavik University.
  • Halldór Jónsson, Director of the Division of Science and Innovation, University of Iceland
  • Anna Guðrún Edvardsdóttir, Research Manager, Hólar University
  • Kasper Kristensen, Research Manager, Bifröst University
  • Hulda Stefánsdóttir, Dean of Academic Development, Iceland University of the Arts
  • Kristján Kristjánsson, Director of Research and Information Technology, Reykjavík University
  • Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Chair of the Science and Innovation Council
  • Sara Stef. Hildardóttir, Project Manager of Research Services and Open Access, National and University Library of Iceland
  • Katrín Frímannsdóttir, Director of Strategy and Quality, University of Iceland (nominated by the Quality Council)

Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee is responsible for processing any appeals request received from an institution which has been reviewed by IAQA, according to IAQA’s Appeals Procedure.