Institution-wide Review

The main objective of the institution-wide review (IWR) is to provide independent external assurance that Icelandic higher education institutions are equipped to secure and enhance the quality of their activities.

The IWR is designed to support institutions in reflecting on their specific approach to the management of quality and enhancement. The IWR evaluates the effectiveness of the institutions' quality management and evidence of enhancement, based on an evaluation involving three themes:

  1. Learning and Teaching
  2. Research and Innovation
  3. The Quality System and Strategic Management

The evaluation themes underpin the framework within which an institution-wide review is conducted. Each theme provides a set of statements collectively describing an institution that is considered operationally effective.

In addition to the evaluation themes, institutions will choose an enhancement topic that they will benefit from exploring through the self-evaluation process and site visit. The enhancement topic will not contribute to the formal review outcome.